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Dave was in Chicago for the weekend when he stopped by the home of his childhood friend, Jesse. It was a crisp football Sunday and the Bears were in a divisional match-up. Jesse and his two young boys were watching the game and sporting jerseys of their favorite NFL players. The boys were bouncing around the family room, watching the games on TV and paying close attention to the stats ticker on the bottom of the screen. Jesse’s laptop from work and brightest flashlight consumer reports were on the coffee table so the boys could check whatever stats interested them.

Throughout the first half there was constant chatter about how many points Jesse and the boys’ fantasy teams had, and how far ahead they were of their cousins in Arizona. At halftime, they all headed outside for a touch-football game and to reenact the highlights from the games.

When Jesse’s wife came outside with their 14-month-old daughter – both of them in their pink Bears jerseys – Dave’s mind began to spin.

“This is fantastic!” Dave, a fantasy player and dad, thought to himself. He could sense the excitement and the fun that the family had as it used fantasy football to interact and spend quality time together.

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One thing that Dave discovered was that Jesse’s family was spending a huge part of their Sunday afternoons in the fall watching games together. They talked a lot about their fantasy teams and players during the week, and checked their teams regularly on Sunday and Monday nights before they went to bed, and on Tuesday mornings before they headed off to school.

Fantasy football had become a significant part of their lives during the football season (and even during the off season). Jesse’s wife loved the extra time it gave her on Sundays and the special bonds her husband was building with the kids. Dave began to ask questions.
How do they draft their teams? (Online)

Who do they play against? (Their cousins in Arizona, some members of the boys’ soccer teams, some neighbors, and some of Jesse’s co-workers and their kids)

How hard is it for the kids to get involved? (Kids from age 5 can pretty easily play with mom or dad guiding them a bit)

Was there a fantasy league for families to play together? (NO!)

Did the kids enjoy it? (YES! They loved it!)

Did moms and dads like it (YES!)

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In the airport on the way home from Chicago, Dave gave his buddy Taz a call to share his story about Sunday afternoon with Jesse and his family. One thing led to another, and Dave and Taz decided that not only did they want to play with their kids, but they also wanted to play in a league that was dedicated to family play.

After searching for weeks and not finding what they wanted (too many beer ads, too much gambling talk, and various types of ‘adult content’) Dave and Taz decided they needed to create their own league.

Thus, Family Fantasy Sports was born.


What makes Family Fantasy Sports different from all other fantasy sports offerings is our ‘family friendly environment’.

Our free fantasy sports games and content provide endless opportunities for kids and grownups to interact and build stronger, healthier relationships.

Our leagues are designed to be simple to use and are powered by Stats Inc., the world leader in sports information. We strongly believe in the importance of education and a healthy childhood. All prizes awarded on our site support education, health and fitness, and family friendly entertainment.

In addition to fantasy games, we have created an online enviornment where grownups and kids can enjoy fun and interactive features that support education and health & wellness. Our entire site is designed for grownups and kids to share.

Our GrownUps Blog is full of useful information meant to help parents and others responsible for raising happy, healthy kids.

Thank you for stopping by FamilyFantasySports.com. Please contact us with any questions, feedback or thoughts.